Pink Thunder

I wanted to share this clip with the you, just to show what type of content to expect. There is diversity in each one of us, and the stories will reflect the humanity that we all share. Oh yeah, before I forget, this blog is about the possibilities of people, with the element of surprise, delivered in a genre that best fits the story. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and thank you for visiting Free-Word.

The crack of the thunder, jolts the deep sleeping dog out of her rabbit chasing dream. So I was told, that’s what dogs dream about. Who knows? Pink’s brown eyes can’t hide the trembling fear she’s wearing. She’s draped in a reddish-brown coat, that’s moving like the choppy waves of a lake being pushed around by the wind. A 12-year-old dog reverts back in time to pup hood, and she runs to my pillow where she used to sleep when I first got her. She was an eight-week old mutt with an underbite. When she was younger, it used to take me hours to calm her down. Now, it’s only a hour. Once Pink’s temporary hell disappears, she’s back to her usual bold self, pretending nothing happened. She moves gracefully throughout the home, flexing her bravery to anyone who will listen. And if she could beat her chest with those medium size paws, she would. Pink made sure that everyone knew that her fear passed away, just like the deep bass of the thunder. Of course, once another violent crack of thunder shakes the home, or maybe next time it’s the sound of firecrackers, combined with multiple launches of bottle rockets. She’ll be right back on that pillow, returning to her convulsive shakes, until the night air turns silent again. Pink’s still full of surprises.

I believe in the content that I write, and much like Pink and her healthy fear of thunder, writing should strike intensity into the reader. It grabs a hold of the emotions and sends the mind down the path of the unknown, until it reaches an awakening.