She Moves In

She moves with passion, but remains motionless,
Passing her thoughts onto his heart with each beat.
Drawing them in…absorbing her.
The place in which his desires lay bare,
With a breath, whispering her fears,
Blowing a kiss.
She leans back on her spine and wonders,
Wondering will he feel her every desire.

Will he love her faults, without judgment? See her true form beneath the flesh?  Nakedness, when she lays in the light of night?
Wide brown eyes, pulling him in, drawing him closer to listen,                                              To hear the wanting in her chest.                                                                                               Laying herself out there, for his blue eyes to see.

Will he gaze upon her in a different light?
Love, an unconditional woman who he wants to be near, but she’s a dream.
She walks in his mind burning with a warmth he wants to feel,
But he can only see her in his mind.
And she sits there waiting for him,

Calling out to come closer, and as he moves in,
To kiss those lips, she vanishes.
Blending into the chaos of his mind, but he still hears her calling.
Calling out to find her, and while he seeks the woman with the soft voice,
That is etched into his heart
And with each beat, she calls out, come closer
And you will find me.



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