Free-Word: A Veteran’s Blog


Thank you for checking out Free-Word. There are times in our lives where stress is unavoidable. A person is met face to face with a decision that challenges our morals. These choices will more than likely change the outcome of our own lives. Not to mention the lives of others. Nobody lives in a vacuum and depending on your own philosophical ideology, the outcome may go either way. When we find ourselves staring into stressful conditions, any decision may seem bleak. You are not alone. We tend to become zeroed in on what was once open space, gazing into infinite dreams. Now we’re standing in the Funhouse of Mirrors, wondering which way is out. The seconds playing leapfrog.

Have you ever found yourself in the best of moods? Nothing can bring you down off that cloud. But…you are now in a coffee shop, sipping your favorite drink. Directly across from you, a person is sitting at the corner table…muttering. At first, not even the constant sighing can blow you off that cloud, but the sound of the nagging winds begin to penetrate. It’s not that we want to focus on the unfavorable weather. It’s the basic Laws of Attraction. The positive is attracted to the negative and vice-versa. The stress of the corner patron is external, but it triggers an uneasiness inside us that needs to be answered. It’s not about the person in the corner, who may be realizing that they’ve been drinking the wrong flavor of coffee, but something that lives inside of us. That annoyance or stress that’s telling us we need a change.

Stress can hide in between the thoughts, beneath the emotions like a snake blending in with the leaves waiting to strike. Sometimes the symptoms are elusive because we’re knee-deep in the experience, or buried in past experiences. We’re going to dig deep, by taking a look at our own symptoms of stress. We’re going to find ways to identify, analyze, and find ways of dealing with the change head-on. Stress is all about change. Let’s face it. It’s basically daring us to change.  The goal is not to compare the experience, but to focus on the common ground we stand on. The similarities that make us human. Our thoughts and emotions, strengths and weaknesses, our past, present and future.

Free-Word is about finding ourselves by facing ourselves. I deal with stress in different creative ways. I love writing poetry, stories, and philosophy. Some people may find it difficult to express themselves. Years of unhealthy stress can cloud the ability to identifying our internal obstacles. We become casualties to ourselves, and the only way to combat stress is to face it head-on.

Thank you for taking the time and reading Free-Word. There is a learning experience in each and every one of us. My comment section and email are always open, so feel free to speak your mind.


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