About Free-Word: A Veteran’s Blog

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for stopping by Free-Word. I have debated about which direction to take the blog in, and I’ve asked countless people their advice. All they can say is, “Write what you know.” There are times in our lives where we are force to transition. Whether it’s graduating from school, or being forced to leave your homeland under natural or unnatural conditions. When we change under stressful conditions, it’s difficult to recognize symptoms when we’re caught up in the actual experience. This isn’t going to be a blog about the generalization of stress. We’re going to dig deep, by taking a look at our own symptoms of stress. Finding a way to identify, analyze, and specific ways in dealing with the change head-on. The goal is not to focus on the experience itself, but the emotions and thoughts that surface throughout a stressful experience. Free-Word is about finding ourselves, by facing obstacles that hinder self-awareness. Some people may find it difficult to express themselves, and years of unhealthy stress, disables some of our faculties. That’s just the nature of the beast. We become casualties, and the only way to combat stress, is to face it. Not avoid.

Unhealthy stress will piggy back on you, drive your face to the ground and eat its way through your confidence. By forcing you to second guess every decision you ever made. There are two kinds of stress; healthy and unhealthy. I know. I served in the United States Army for close to a decade and learning how to manage stress was crucial in completing tasks successfully. Healthy stress reinforces the strength in someone, and in the same breath, unhealthy stress magnifies and exploits. It steals your identity. I spent multiple years overseas in the combat zone, so I had to learn the hard way. I don’t want you to have to go that route. Stress can blindside you at anytime, because we allow ourselves to ignore what are body’s and mind’s are telling us. Essentially we are lying to ourselves.

Taking risks is a difficult choice to make, but the question is; Are we worth it? And when I say we, I mean everybody. It doesn’t matter, people are people. After the Army life, I chose to take on a different kind of risk. This time, I traded in my rifle for a pen and decided to pursue a college education to help people, in any way that I can. It just so happens that it’s digging deep and getting dirty. There will be an assortment of creative writing that you may identify with, and hopefully by me putting myself out there, it will open up discussion and we can all help each other.
Thank you for taking the time and reading about Free-Word. I would be proud to have you follow, and we can learn about ourselves together. My comment section and email are always open, so feel free to speak your mind.

photo: http://www.wsbtv.com/gallery/entertainment/isnt-ironic/gJ9r/

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