Desire and Doubt

The distance between us grows wildly, filling the space with desire and doubt.
A lust that rumbles in the loins, baiting my heart with trouble.
You’re a knee buckling, trash talker who triggers the unquestionable.
Down the spiral stairwell of twisted memories, that preys on the weakness of time.

And you hum softly, a melody that bares all… and shows nothing. A tune that stuns, with frozen overtones, burying my feet into the soft silky sands.

And as I struggle, you grab on tightly, digging your nails into my back, and we dance. Feeling safe in your arms, I hold tight. And you loosen the grip, placing your ear on my chest, and we live. My pulsing heart kisses your cheek. Your smile is the vacuum of hopelessness, and your breath carries the message of hope. You’re my lifeline to love, my sunshine with doves. And the moon, that cries with the wolves.

Scavenger of Conviction

Red wings sprout from the middle of your word
And you take flight, circling around for a thought with a heartbeat.
You search for anything, any scent of wounded love.
And when you find that smell,
You’ll nosedive in.

Flying parallel along the surface of the words
Scavenging for loose links,
That binds the foundation of life.
Sniffing around for a break in conviction
One with deep scars,
Craters that pulse in pain.

As you pass by, and ascend back overhead,
The scent of an open wound, brushing against your beak.
Placing you under a drooling trance,
And you circle back.
You have a known destination.
The broken link that holds together faith.
It was faith all along.
That is humanity.



No Diamond

He runs through the questions in his mind, of complex contradictions.
Buried under the electric green grass. Sparks rise between the blades,
Connecting the ground to his bare feet.
A charge runs through his body, pulling down with fury.
Like a diamond being crushed by carbon,

Except, he’s no diamond.
He’s the symbol of the dead.
Burying breaths of conscience
Keeping all his love hidden in the mines of his heart,
That’s seeking an eternal exit.

And the powering shock, forces his body to shake.
As the steel grip of a dying world, crushes his moral compass,
Causing the internal screams of nightmares.
The audience peeks between the holes of their safety nets,
Watching the man suffer. And the ground cracks under his frigid bones.
The dark, clouded ceiling is dropping, forcing the weight upon his head.
Pushing him further down. Into his grave.
A grave that has familiar faces.
And with open arms, they embrace the suffering
Welcoming the man, with pure love.
And Nature, suffers along with man.

Squeezing his breath, to a gasp…A final gasp.
The one in which Nature and man, become,
the same.

Meeting Culture Shock Head-On

                            Concept of Shock


Hello, thank you for your interest in how to adjust to Culture Shock. The goal of this post is not to avoid Culture Shock, but to identify symptoms and meet it head on by taking different steps. Since each one of us deals with our emotions in different ways, I will show you what steps you can take to make the transition much smoother. We will find ourselves confronted with the rough edges of change, which will happen more in the beginning of our journey. The concept of shock is used in different contexts; medical is the most common, unless you’re a farmer of a cornfield. We’re going to break down the concept of shock and I’ll show you where it relates to the journey. Yesterday, I explained what happens when someone enters a new culture. There’s an overload of the senses, and the brain is trying to figure out what to do with all this information. Entering an unknown element, will knock you off balance. Which can lead to fear, anxiety, and doubt in your ability to deal with the situation in a rational way. You may have heard that emotions aren’t rational, and I tend to agree sometimes. But I can assure you, that the emotions that are involved with shock, are real. They need to be acknowledged. Ignoring your emotions will only dig you deeper into a feeding frenzy of those emotions I mentioned above. It can also lead to other sorts of issues, both physical and mental. That’s what I’m trying to help you avoid, the unnecessary ones.



Since there are thousands of different cultures, not to mention thousands of different sub-cultures. Some of the coping mechanisms can be used in both scenarios. Today, I’m going to focus on moving from one country to another. Sometimes we may not have a choice when we move. We’re forced out under certain circumstances; job, loss of job, or natural disaster. This is not an exhausted list, but I can fill a page with hundreds of events that can trigger a move. How can we possibly prepare?

I said yesterday that there isn’t a kit for something like this, but there are ways in which you can prepare yourself to ease some of the shock your about to endure. I prepared myself, going over to a different country, but I failed to prepare myself to come back. Granted, my circumstance may be different, but the effects on the mind and body are similar. Understanding what your about to walk into, is a great way to prepare yourself for possible changes. It’s not only about the culture, it’s about how we adjust internally.


              Scenario with Helpful Information

Here is one scenario, which allows you to access information through books, internet, and any other resource that you can get your hands on. Learning about customs and traditions is a great way to start your research. If you’re a religious person, you may want to see if they have a Liaison, that can meet, and give a tour of the city or town. Ask them questions about others who are in the same situation. Some people may only research half of the question. What is it like where I’m going?

The other questions that’s a “must ask”; what internal changes I can expect, or ones that are possible. Most of us have an imagination, and it’s free. Playing scenarios of “what if”, can be used as a benefit. By placing yourself in situations that are possible, allows you to analyze and find the best actions to take. There should be multiple scenarios, with different actions. Back-up plans. This leads up to the question, how are you going to face it internally?

Experiences of others is a way in which you can grab some different ideas to specific events, but remember, what works for someone, may not work for others. That’s why the imagination is important. It wouldn’t be right, if I didn’t show you the downside to the imagination, and I won’t leave you without ways in keeping it in check.

I will start by saying, Pride Can Be A Double-Edged Sword. You will say that you got this, or you thought of everything. Now if you’re a proud person, this will sting. You didn’t and you don’t. Just to point out some of the different character traits that reinforce the pridefulness flaw; gender, that means men (know-it-alls), age, and narcissist. If you don’t know that you’re a narcissist, there are plenty of blogs out there that give descriptions. Ok, let me get back on track. Since pride can be a downfall, it may stop you from asking for other points-of-view. This is a mistake. Not swallowing your own pride, can set you up for a rough transition. It’s not about getting the best answer but changing the habit. Just from my own experience and gender, which I’m working on daily by the way. We can’t do this alone. One person didn’t build society, it was a collective action. Practice asking for help.

I’ve showed you some ways where you can prepare yourself for the shock you’re about to endure. I think it’s important to understand both sides of the fence. It’s much better to enter the situation with an arsenal of tools. If you’re someone whose imagination spins out of control with worry. Write it down. Take a break, because it will be stressful. Find something that takes your mind off that scenario. Then go back and read it with a clearer mind. Mindfulness is a great way to center yourself. And once you’re grounded, grab someone you feel comfortable with, and ask them what they would do.

I hope this post helped in some way, and tomorrow there will be other ways in which you can work through “Culture Shock”. And if you have any questions, comments, or scenarios you’d like to run by someone, don’t hesitate to contact Free-Word. Thank you.



Fourth Wall’s Back

Garbage pits recklessly burn,
Obstructing innocent wide eyes,
Bloodshot tears vanish, before reaching their end.
Billowing above, motionless clouds of black smoke, get darker.
Silently killing people slowly, and seconds tics… crackling.
The dusty road out, now gone, only known by the memory of bare feet,
That fuses to the mouth that gave life, now spits out a toxic breath

Bodies tired, forced down by the heavy hand of heat,
Kneeling, praying in the fiery pits of hell,
Contagious coughs, delivered by the messenger,
Through its silent rage, fueled by turning heads.
Sending upward hope, hitting the fourth walls back.
Downward, words fall, broken fragments of faith,
Raining, spreading its ashes of helplessness.

Dying Land

Blue hills cry with muddy waters, pouring down, pooling in the shallows. Of the valley of our broken dreams, filters out and births a stream. The water flows on for miles, from east to west, then hits a row of homes, that  stole true nature’s style. It leaves an eagle soaring, through a tower’s eye of steel, with pupils made of sonic waves.  Searching for his missing nest, flies aimlessly, across the ravage mess. Which we took from him in vain, without compromise and an ounce of pain, ending lives, with our distractions. Have we changed our Country’s satisfaction? To help the people soar, instead we’re strumming in the oil fields.

Advancement travels on, rolls just like those hills, which will soon be gone. Imaginary mountain sides, cutting, drilling, earthly suicide. In the fields of natures heart, we ripped it out. Planting veins of steel. And cables run along the plains, what used to be the heartland, of ear to ear of natural corn. Now, its just poisoning the minds of children, who live in desperate times, that search for some acceptance. Instead, the food is laced with herbicides. It’s eating at their axis, and yet, we still continue on, this time, we die in numbers, forged from a different sword. One made by power lies, as entities, turn one good eye. Into written laws, and find that loophole to save their sole. This money-go-round of hell, with Satan’s spawn sitting at the helm. They’re in every institution, and still our lives go on and on. As family’s get a boot, and still we’re fighting for some truth. It’s sitting in the wind, of the power of the mortal sin.

Grieving Sisters

Grieving sisters, both dressed in black,
Stand side by side, and three feet back.
Holding hands, staring down, and
through the veil, they bared a frown.

They take deep breaths, sigh with wonder,
Look up to heaven, and scream with thunder,
“Is our sister safe, and Can you hear?”
Our silence broken. we have no fear.

We miss her dearly, please show us light,
We’ll walk with you, into the night.
Please shed this skin of armor now!
We’re ready for that peaceful sound.

The grief will never end,
As long as you still love your friend
They come in other ways,
With memories of your happy days.