Why must I pretend?
Burning eyes…bleed toxic rains.
Dissolving the will.


Photo by: https://lorency.deviantart.com/art/Eye-of-FIRE-89773725



Power ceases the boy by the arm.
Grabbing and ripping him down.
Stretching… Will’s of men.


Photo by: https://www.shutterstock.com/search/claws+ripping
Thank you.


Bitter Sting

Bitter Sting

Bitter path ahead?
Two Live’s love… tripled in size.
Stretch, the stinging wind.


Photo by: https://www.eloheim.com/uncertainty_series/

Haunting Desire

Never extinguished.
Faces of ghosts, in the flame—
Haunting desire.




Photo by: https://revivedthoughts.com/jonathan-edwards-sinners-in-the-hands-of-an-angry-god/

Confession on a Page

Wet blood turns dry, pouring out from my pitcher
Destined to speak, to the leaves… A confession.
Staining the paper with years of submissions
Love, hate, anger, rage;
From top to bottom, in front of a stage.
A symbol, a picture, or just there to stray.

Sending chills down the back of this leathery spine.
What’s mine is yours, throughout this short time.
Sharing, creating, penetrating, then strike.
The rings around rosey, and the tree who gives life.
Sacrificing her breath, without any choice.
To give this man’s words, his humbling voice.


photo: https://www.pinterest.com/juttabryant/beautiful-books/

Edge of Reality

Nerves rattle the snake with fear, grinding the teeth of adrenaline.
Scraping the walls with the flavor of failure.
Rotten to the core of decomposition,

A wretched twist on the edge of realities.
The stranger exits, with bonds broken by a grudge
A different path…a connected path.

Expectations press down on the shoulders of life.
The steel sides dig into the waist.
With each stride…reminders.

Contentious Scream

The reds radiate from the walls of childhood.
Dripping with a fiery warmth… and necessary conflict.
Points of view, clash between the middle and young.

Overcast of grey, drape the blue eyes of innocence.
Opening the roof with a cascading filter of tears.
Questions of love driven by a contentious scream.

Single path pried apart by fury.
Tethered by the bond of traditional misery.
“Until death do us part.”